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Dr. Wolcott is incredible! She has helped me continue to run marathons into my 40's by caring for my right knee on which I had an ACL reconstruction 20 years ago. Dr. Wolcott maintains a positive, professional attitude with all of her athletic minded clients. An athlete herself, Dr. Wolcott is one of the few medical professionals who truly practice what the preach in terms of a healthy, active, lifestyle. I highly recommend her to any athlete and/or athletic minded person!

- Erin Brumleve

I went to UC Health for a running related knee issue. Dr. Wolcott (call me, Michelle), was thorough, a great listener, a fabulous communicator, and excellent at creating trust. From the moment I walked in EVERYONE acted as if I were the only patient they had. Attentive, never rushed, from top to bottom. Michelle spent nearly an hour with me making sure I was comfortable with her findings and my options going forward. And, as mentioned, I never felt as if she was in a hurry to move on. Fantastic!

- Rich in Aurora, CO

Spends time with the patient - answering all questions and going through imaging - explaining what is wrong, why, and what your options are to fix it. Not only is good with - but she encourages lots of communication. She also did my ACL reconstruction surgery which had no complications, and at one month post-op, my scar looks incredible!

- Sam S in Denver, CO

If you're in need, go see Dr. Wolcott. She reconnected a torn meniscus root which was not clearly known at the time of surgery. However, she covered all the posibilities prior to the surgery with the worse case scenario so I could decide in advance what I was willing to endure for non-weight bearing recovery. She is personable, professional and did a great job on my meniscus for a repair that does not have 100% fix. She also has a great staff!!!!

- J Wong in CO

I would recommend Dr. Wolcott to anyone needing Othorpedic care. She always seems to be well informed of my circumstances and history, never seems rushed and I particularly like here matter-of-fact deameanor. She doesn't jump to conclusions and prefers to take a more methodical approach to determining the issue when it's not apparent. She's personable as is her staff and I just feel comfortable in their care.

- Jul 2018

I came here for a second opinion and it was the best decision! My only regret is not coming sooner!

- Jul 2018

Dr Wolcott and every staff member did an awesome job. She has not seen me in six years and remembers everything on my history, family etc. Her team was fast and thorough - X-ray took seconds, surgery setup took a handful of minutes and was clear and concise. Her assistant listened and asked great questions.

- Jul 2018

Loved the staff and doctor. Great service and fast visit.

- May 2018

I have been to quite a few doctors for my knee and no one cared to truly listen and give me any type of solution. Dr. Wolcott knew something was wrong and offered solutions no one else could. I feel like I finally found a doctor willing to help!

- May 2018